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December 6th, 2013 by Sanmaya
I was sitting with my partner Bibhu at STPI lounge at Fortune Tower BBSR last afternoon. He asked me a question: “Why some of our softwares are so user friendly while others make it feel so terrible? Why do they ever make software which make not much of a help and sometimes make it more complex?!”

My answer was: “There are two kinds of approach to the software making or any kinds of product making. They both start with an objective which defines whether they’ll be one kind or the other. It’s the objective that a product manager/developer/designer brings in. And a product leader should find his team become comfortable to that objective and approach. The defining objectives are:

1. We make product with customers and their approach towards the problem in the first place and we move towards the center of the problem and how it wants to fit into the approach.

2. We make product with how problem wants customer to react to it in the first place and reach at the end to the customer while making it little easier.

The first one is much more difficult to address and takes lot longer to come to a good enough product the problem wise. But the next one is easier the problem wise (I’m not saying it’s not difficult) while simplifies the problem a little for the user. They then go through a design trauma.

So it’s just the approach and objective and their comfort to address the issues thus occur in design and development process. So it’s just the first step taken in right direction.

So we go with the first approach. And they go with the next. Sometimes it’s the team that feels real uncomfortable in either situation as they do not fit in that objective/approach. So a good product leader’s job is to bring people of right mindset to the table and keep them aligned to that objective or mindset.

Last night I was discussing with Binayak (our dev head for Invoize.in), about the feel of the software and shared with him a wonderful discussion we fellow UX designers had with one company’s developers and designers. Someone among us (I forgot who it was. sorry dears) suddenly told:

The design and interface is the software for the users. They do not understand how much labor and pain you put into development. Devs will always be the unsung heroes who take the responsibility of staying underground and hold to base of a building. Designers too can go Dieter Rams’s way and make them subtle in front of the product and that’s when you create a product people love. You need to let your ego go and don’t expect customers will understand & use the product your way just because you did.

I added to it: Wonderful products go through a design thinking rather than a design. Do you value users or the product ? Ask yourself ++”

March 19th, 2013 by Sanmaya

Q: Why Accounting is created ???

A: To help you make better decisions to grow your company finance. Also to stop you from making mistakes and make you learn from your past mistakes.

Q: But it cheated me !!!!

A: 8i Creations is bringing up something that can make magic on Accounting and it will start helping you again !

Q: Oh Yeah ????????

A: Oh Yeah !!!!!!

Q & A: Oh Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 15th, 2013 by Sanmaya

Asking a favor/help is not a bad thing at all if it doesn’t cost them more time and money. You will so so many people love you and share a helping hand.

During building our Accounting Software, for promotion, for advice, for understanding the foreign markets and small businesses there and for making things possible we asked all possible help we could ask for to everyone (even to a complete stranger sitting in USA or UK whom we never knew few hours back) and really can see the amount of help and love it is creating for us.

Be it to Rackspace, Twitter, several small businesses, lots of investors, market experts, accounting firms, local Bank officials; we got help-love form nearly everyone.

It really helped us getting insights, minimize our costs, being on our budget and grow. Thanks you all.

And my friends “Don’t shy away from asking a favor if and only if it’s not taking a lot of their time and money”.

February 21st, 2013 by Sanmaya
Excellent future entrepreneurs who feel they can sell anything to anyone, can join our company as a Sales Hero (Online & Strategy).

We want to give you all the freedom to experiment all your weird ideas that you feel will work really well to market and sell one SAAS product (a small biz Accounting Software). You can gain from our experiences and can validate your marketing ways/ideas in real world (it should be pretty cost effective though) and see if they can work for your products as well or not.

We will love to extend our help in informing our clients about your new venture when you are ready. This way you have most of our clients instantly become your customer as well.

# You shouldn’t be creating something related to accounting and finance.

# You should be with us for at least 6 months.

We even extend stocks in our company, if you are staying with us for more than one year and had shown us significant growth in sales.

January 28th, 2013 by Sanmaya

Some of your clients really have their hearts with you. They keep on doing stuffs that let you not forget how much they care for you. And often when you get that love you remember with a smile how much sweat and care you put for their work, and the sweat seems sweet.

A relation in making between the client and vendor is so beautiful. When you are there either as a vendor or as a client you feel like you are again in love, again in your first love :)

January 24th, 2013 by Bibhu datta

8iCreations’s brand new launch of web-based accounting software would change the game how accounting application is used for SMB and home based business. It would revolutionize the way how accounting process is managed, reported and compliance being enforced in SMB.  Business owner would have in tips the accounting report, cash flow situation by just few clicks away. The user experience of our simple accounting software will take you to the step by step process for easy to use daily account entries/updates and reporting on financial status.

Three Mantras for new highly efficient and easy to use software, a creation innovative development of 8iCreations-

1)      No more error prone spreadsheet accounting and also, no learning curve or  incurring extra cost to learn and use highly complex popular accounting software available in the market

2)      Simple and straightforward way to manage your daily financial records and account entry/update

3)      Which means you can spend less time in handling the software and focus more on your business

January 20th, 2013 by Sanmaya

Hi Guys,

If you are running a small courier service or shipment service you might want to provide a consignment or shipment tracking page on your website for your clients to check if the shipment is arrived or not. What’s the current status?? Also your offices need a database where they can see the current status of a consignment with the consignment number or a unique tracking number when they get a call from a receiver. If you don’t have a software yet to attach to your corporate website, you can do it soon with a small payment.



  1. Track Shipment / Consignment
  2. Detailed Status

  1. Simplified Interface
  2. Add Shipment
  3. Modify Shipment Data
  4. Find Shipment
  5. Update Status
  6. Handle Returns
  7. Multiple Users (you may want the data to be handled by muliple operators from you different offices or outlets)
  8. Statuswise Report
  9. Know who updated or modified the status

The price will be Rs. 3000 (USD 60) for the basic software if you can do the configuration by yourself.

If you don’t understand coding or can’t follow our instruction to setup the software, don’t worry. We do provide an installation service for Rs. 2000 (USD 40) extra. i.e. for Rs. 5000 (USD 100) we will provide you the software and set it up for you within 3days of your order.

If you need some extra features down the line we can customize those for you with minimal fees. We will also provide designing service if you need the design to be changed to suit your site.

Oh! you seems curious now when we will make it available for demo and purchase. It’s on 2nd Jan 2013.

If you want to pre-order it to avail a free installation service. Do so now. Just drop a mail to: bibhudatta@8icreations.com with subject “Shipment Tracking” and do provide the website where you want it to be installed.

November 7th, 2012 by Sanmaya
I’m looking for a cool PHP developer to work on future projects of 8i Creations with me personally. You should agree to relocate to Puri, Odisha and expect few trips every year to our Bangalore office and elsewhere in the world.

The job is pretty clear. You will sit with me building quick prototypes and later products.

You will not be disturbed by client works. It’s purely I’m & you sitting face-to-face developing cool stuffs. We will together learn from peers and from each-other.

Skills I expect from you are:

  • Proficiency in PHP 5 & 4
  • Well-versed with MySQL or any SQL languages. Should be able to define efficient database structure.
  • Good with Javascript, jQuery, AJAX and some front-end development
  • A familiarity with Node.js would be a great plus.
  • Knowledge/Experience of XML/JSON and APIs.
  • A little experience in CSS & XHTML or HTML5 is must
  • Git experience & AWS experience is preferable

Benefits and Perks

  • Salary starts from RS. 9,000/- per month for first 3-6 months. Later we will increase it greatly. You can expect a salary of 80,000/- per month by the end of 2nd year
  • If we love your work, we will consider you for an Employee Stock in our firm
  • TA & DA
  • We will fully sponsor you to one tech conference/event of your choice in every quarter.
  • Free Cookies and hot tea/coffees
  • Any time you are not feeling working, just take your bike out and go to famous Puri beach or jungle or go on a long-drive along Puri-Konark marine drive. We allow such stuff.

If you are interested, just mail your resume and sample works to me directly at sanmaya@8icreations.com

I’ll be accepting applications until November 30th. I’m looking forward to work with you

July 10th, 2012 by Sanmaya

Here I want to share with you the Bluelounge StudioDesk, which I think every design offices should have. As a firm which love minimization of clutter, we would definitely love to have one of these. Do you wana one?






The original article posted on Design.org

June 26th, 2012 by Sanmaya

We made significant loss last year, eventhough our sales gone a lot higher. There were so many factors to it.

One factor was we didn’t included a small expense into our pricing/product development strategy and that grew too big with each project which in turn gave us a good loss.

Thanks to our new accounting s/w we developed, we recognize the pattern and being warned well ahead of going through another huge loss and might be we would have gone out of business right now.

So while doing business in a tough economy, please plan for every single expense and overhead in your pricing. A small loss somewhere may lead to a huge loss to your overall business. Best wishes :)

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